Sale and purchase of chalets, farms, apartments, buildings and land at Megève, Combloux, Demi-quartier, St-Gervais and Sallanches.

Need a professional and experienced company for your property transactions in Megève and the surrounding region? PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co is an ideal partner who provides you with its expertise for the sale and purchase of chalets, farms, apartments, buildings and land. As a property specialist, the company offers a wide range of services: property appraisal, property advice and much more. A qualified team accompanies you in your property search, whether you have chosen the classic or off-market route, throughout the Mont-Blanc region. Whether you want to buy or sell a property in Demi-Quartier or Combloux, you can rely on this company, located at 254 Rue de la Poste.
Specialising in the sale and purchase of property throughout the Mont Blanc region, PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co offers a wide range of properties. The types of properties advertised by the company consist of chalets, apartments, land, farms and buildings. Thanks to its experience, the agency is a reliable contact when buying and selling land, buildings, apartments, chalets and farms in Megève, as well as nearby towns including Demi-Quartier and Combloux. As true hands-on professionals, the company’s advisors are able to provide you with sound advice. This allows you to optimise your choices and, above all, benefit from solutions that are perfectly suited to your budget. For this reason, the agency’s experts value your properties to ascertain what they are truly worth. The idea is to help you sell or buy your property off-market or simply at a fair price.

As clients with PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co, you benefit from a comprehensive service in terms of property transactions in Megève and the surrounding area. In addition to traditional services such as the sale and purchase of properties, the company also has developed a unique know-how in financial advice and property valuation. Services such as financial advice are designed to enable you to be successful in your property investments. At your request, the agency’s team evaluates your properties to buy or sell to determine their true value. To this end, they have very efficient tools to obtain a reliable estimate. For your total satisfaction, the agency offers tailor-made solutions in line with your needs and budget.

Whatever the nature of your property transactions in the Mont Blanc region, PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co is an agency that offers personalised support. With this in mind, the company provides you with the opportunity to buy or sell premium property on the private market. The agency has thus developed its off-market offerings to allow customers who wish to carry out property dealings discreetly, ideal for clients wishing to buy or sell property without those close to them finding out, including family members, neighbours and colleagues. Regardless of the type of project to be carried out, you can rely on PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co.
PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co’s sole ambition is to simplify the lives of its customers by offering a wide range of properties on its website. You can therefore view the company’s various property listings online. You save a lot of time because you do not have to travel around to get an overview of the types of property the company is selling. This means you can buy or sell property whether you live in Megève or in nearby towns such as Demi-Quartier, Combloux and many others.