Sale and purchase of property

Based in Megève at 254 Rue de la Poste, Vincent PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co is a credible contact for all your property transactions throughout the Mont Blanc region. The company boasts a qualified and experienced team, who provide a quality service in the sale and purchase of various types of property: apartments, buildings, chalets, farms and land. Whether in Megève or the surrounding areas, such as Demi-Quartier and Combloux, this property agency works rigorously to fully satisfy your needs as quickly as possible. Financial and valuation professionals are at your disposal to help you with the buying and selling of prime property, including land, apartments, chalets, buildings and farms.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co’s clients benefit from a wide range of services in the area of property transactions in Megève and its surroundings. You can therefore call upon one of our property specialists in relation to the sale or purchase of a chalet, farm, building, apartment or plot of land. The agency, which operates throughout the Mont-Blanc region, has proven expertise in property valuation and financial advice. To sell or buy property at the best price on the market, it needs to be valued. The PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co implements effective valuation techniques that allow you to know your property’s value in complete confidentiality. The property advisory division has also been developed to optimise your choices for your property transactions in Demi-Quartier or Combloux. The agency also has real expertise in off-market properties. It is therefore possible to discreetly acquire or sell premium property on the private market with help from the agency. This method is advantageous for both buyers and sellers. With the off-market service, the agency can carry out its clients’ property transactions without their family and friends being informed.

Alongside this wide range of services, PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co has another major asset: its experience. In addition to solid legal knowledge, Vincent PRAZ, founder of PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co, worked in private banking and law firms for fifteen years.  With this wealth of experience, this International Private Law graduate was able to form a team of experienced professionals. Whether for advice or valuations on property to buy or sell, hands-on professionals are available to offer solutions tailored to your needs. This off-market specialist has developed its business around three core values: transparency, attentiveness and quality. The company spares no expense in making it easier for clients to buy or sell property, meeting their expectations in all respects. There is no need to travel around to get an idea of ​​the properties offered by your agency. From the comfort of your office or living room, you can consult the various property listings available on the agency’s website. Not only are you saving on transport costs, you are saving on time as well.

To meet the needs of a greater number of customers throughout the Mont Blanc region, PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co covers a wide geographical area. Outside Megève, where its offices are located, its reach includes nearby towns such as Demi-Quartier, Combloux and many more. The company’s teams move around the different neighbourhoods of the aforementioned locations to find properties in the best locations. No matter where your place of residence is in this region of France, do not hesitate to get in touch with PRAZ REAL ESTATE Co.