Off Market

Our company enables you to purchase or sell premium properties confidentially on the private market.

Through a classic real estate agency, the public has access to the main property information and can even visit it ! When I worked in private banking, I had more and more requests from clients who wanted to sell or buy discreetly. Based on this observation, our boutique agency is now meeting this demand by providing a dedicated property selling service by direct offering to qualified buyers. Hence the name off-market or hors-marché, which means not visible to the general public.

Sell-side advantage : Some of our clients mandate us to sell a property for the sake of discretion, which allows them to sell without their family, neighbours, friends, collaborators or the press being informed…

Buy-side advantage : You have access to exclusive properties that are not officially for sale and therefore neither in an agency, nor on the Internet.

Hors marché
Hors marché

As a partner of family offices, private banks, notary offices and law firms, Vincent Praz puts buyers and sellers in touch with each other and assists them with their transaction projects :

  • Residential real estate: to sell off-market a premium chalet in all discretion (outside real estate agencies).
  • Investment real estate: to discreetly sell a real estate asset (buildings, hotel walls, land...).


Our private clientele is made up of investors, entrepreneurs and major French and foreign families (UHNWI).